What a WONDERFUL WORLD at PBL World today…

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddLd0QRf7VgWhat a Wonderful World – what the FUTURE holds

As I share this song with you, it reminds me of the wonderful world we have around us and all the good things that we as people can do if we just open our minds and work to improve our lives, our communities and the things around us…

Good evening…another exciting day of learning at the World PBL Conference, here in Napa,and meeting new people to help me enhance my teaching classroom!  GREAT Project Based Learning ideas for me and others and the opportunity to meet an executive from iEARN (Taiwan) – as I will be attending a seminar tomorrow.  Having lunch with Ms. Doris and some of her staff members was a wonderful opportunity to get some one-on-one info. on iEARN – which I hope to utilize in my classroom!

I then attended a session of Future Cities utilizing Sims City modules and other resources to improve one of my PBLs with my World History Class.  I was in class with educators from coast-to-coast as well as from Mexico.  It is so exciting to meet new people and get new and innovative ideas to bring back into the classroom!

“after school” I strolled downtown to Napa and had some wonderful gelato – oh how I miss Italy

food  only one more day in this lovely town and PBL World and then back to San Francisco and home to Virginia…what will that final day hold in store for me?  stay tuned…

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