Tokyo -Day 1…it’s a HUGE city, but a small world…

20150802_062543WE MADE IT!  After crossing the International Date Line and arriving in Tokyo today (Sunday, Aug.2)  I met my cousin’s oldest daughter who lives in Tokyo, teaches English/Japanese) and she introduced us to THE CITY…first by taking us to the BUSIEST CROSSROADS IN THE WORLD…I thought I was Iin NYC…but = NOT!

20150802_065905We had a wonderful dinner and then walked the Shibuya Ward – 1 of 23…did you know that Tokyo has other cities in it?  How many?   With over 13 million people in the metro area, and over 35 million outside, it is truely overwhelming!

20150802_081833Soooooooo much to do…only two 1/2 days here…what’s UP TOMORROW?  Mt. Fuji and more…

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