Up in the clouds at Mt. Fuji and with the dragon at Hakone/Lake Ashi -Day 2 in Japan

20150803_111819We visited the highest mountain in Japan today and a World Heritage Site.  And did you know it is an active volcano?  Don’t worry, I’m still here!  I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have a “perfect  view”  but our tour guide Miyuki “Miki” made up for it – as she kept us enchanted and educated all day throughout our journey in the clouds and on the lake.20150803_153119 AF hot and humid day…we were mesmorized by facts and interesting stories throughout Japan’s history and fascinated  by this ancient and modern culture for respect, love and passion for life, beauty, nature and ancestry worship.20150803_153306 We then had a traditional Japanese “box” lunch, and believe me it wasn’t a box.  Can you guess what types of food we ate? A short cruise on Lake Ashi and a meeting with a nine-headed dragon-serpent (Kori-ryujin-sai) at the Fuji-Izu National Park as well as a gondola ride up the Hakone summit of Mt. Komagatake Ropeway was beyond my wildest imagination…you only need to believe.  IMG_20150803_003917IMG_20150803_022448

The Japanese cedars were magnificent! A speeding bullet train back to Tokyo (in half the bus travel time from morning) made us realize how VERY efficient the Japanese transit system is…because of their subway lines and bus/trains. Now it’s time for bed… sweet dreams and another adventure tomorrow,

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