Traveling to Hiroshima

20150805_153623I am in Hiroshima!

Today, Sebrell and I went to the International Peace Promotional Department and got information for the 70th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony tomorrow.

20150805_154910 20150805_162751 We then then spent time visiting the Children’s Museum

at this UNESCO World Cultural Site and preparing ourselves for the masses tomorrow and going over what we will do and how we would be taking part in this moment in history.

20150805_162849 We wrote our own messages for peace…in the hopes that mankind will not allow anything like this to happen again!  We visited the oeace crane memorial…dedicated to Sadako, where will will place a design of 1, 000 origami cranes from Cosby High School tomorrow during the day.  We then walked aling the Motoyasu-gawa and Honkawa Rivers and saw the famous Atomic Dome of Hiroshima…I can only belief, hope and pray the mankind will NOT allow this to happen again!

On our journey from Tokyo to Hiroshima I met a young man – 28 yrs. – who has an unbelievable story.. family members perished at Hiroshima…his family are American citizens…dating back to the 1800s and transcontinental RR period…he has made multiple journeys to this cereminy…he is staying at the same hotel we are and he asked could he spend the day with us tomorrow and witness our pkacing our peace cranes at the Sadako Memorial – something henhas never done…

We are honored!

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