went to school today…in Hong Kong

20150820_13363120150820_13325420150820_13313620150820_133212Who knew a year ago I’d be sitting in a classroom in Hong Kong today?  A year ago today I was sitting in an AP Human Geography workshop in Northern Virginia with 35 other teachers from all over the US and the world.  I had the pleasure of meeting  wonderful guy from Canada..and his wife, who taught AP Chemistry…I invited them out to dinner one evening and we toodled up to DC in my little red Mustang and we struck up a friendship.  THEY TOLD ME IF i ever got the opportunity to visit Hong Kong, come and visit them…YEAH RIGHT…NEVER HAPPEN…

Today, I visited an AP Human Geography Class Mr. Duane Brown and observed his classroom, toured the school with both he and his wife, who also teaches AP Chemistry and is Department chair as well.  They have been living in Hong King for over 18 years…and have two lovely daughters…Mr. Brown coaches volleyball and his wife a softball and  badmitton coach. We also had a lovely dinner with them, and they are giving us a lovely evening tour of Hong Kong tomorrow …, so stay tuned for more pics of this beautiful and vibrant city in eastern Asia.

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