Hong Kong at night…

20150821_20535520150821_20542020150821_222522-1A city that never sleeps, one of the most densely populated cities on the planet, but one of the prettiest I have seen…so vibrant and so busy…I can’t get over all the activities, business, buying and selling that is going on at all the hours of the day…it boggles the simple mind.  Tonight we had dinner on the town with our Canadian teacher-friends from the HK International School and took a ferry boat ride across the beautiful Victoria harbor to see the amazing lights around Hong Kong.  Tomorrow is our last day in Asia, and this magnificent city, and we will make the most of it!  Then it’s off to Europe, layover in Munich, Germany and home-sweet-home!  Many final thoughts to come later …but for now…going to make the most with the little bit of time that is left in “this journey of a lifetime”…  (:  20150821_211622-1(at the Peninsular Hotel …aka like The Plaza in NYC…mind you, we were NOT staying there, but it was magnificent and beautiful to see)…

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