Leavin’ on a jet plane…

Out of Richmond…headed to Atlanta…California bound…and who do I see first…a Cosby colleague…20150619_064729

and now that I’ve RAN through 2 concourses in Atlanta, I finally made it on the plane, and I’m sitting by a lovely young lady from South Africa.  Eat your heart out AP Human Geography students…it’s game time what do you think her name is…(I’ll tell you later if no one can guess)


Arriving around NOON – California-time (3:00 PM Virginia-time)…WHICH TIME ZONES ARE THESE?
…on the way to get my rental car, I met a family on the air tran who’s son had just finished AP Human Geography (9th grade) in Tampa, Fla.  He felt pretty confident about the AP Exam…SCORES come out in July…Good luck to all my APHuGs!

The rest of the day was PERFECT!  Found the wonderful place I’m staying through airbnbSlide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Good night, all!MrsDoubtfireHouse Some of DAY 1 sites…if you could travel to San Francisco, what would YOU like to do and see?

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