The great Shinto Shrine Gate…I finally got to see it

20150807_102628Today was so rewarding…we  visited the great Shinto Shrine outside Hiroshima…do you know it’s name?  Built in 593 (around the same time as ancient Rome was beginning) this is a very holy site to the people of Japan and their native religion of Shinto.  The island is a little town but is covered with 14% primeval vorest and deer that roam the streets and village.  The shrines, pagodas and temples are absolutely breathtaking.  We met a 3rd yr. University student traveling from Kyoto to Hiroshima and then on to Nagasaki to pay his respects on this 70th Anniversary of the atomic bombing to those who lost their lives and to pray for world peace.  Masaya is an amazing young man who was kind and thoughtful enough to spend the morning with us teaching us more of the culture and history behind this ancient culture and religion.  20150807_101301  The day was perfect!


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