New friends and new places to visit…traveling to Osaka


Today we left beautiful Hiroshima yo travel to the 2nd largest city.  Again, I am blessed with the gift of speech and met a wonderful couple from Udine, Italy, near Venice…traveling in Japan like us…we chatted on to trip to Osaka and realized we had so many things in common…from being teachers of history, husbands/children with similarities, polotical interests and love of travel.  I wish you both  a safe journey and look forward to seeing you again -either in the USA or Italy ♥  Itis so wondercul when you travelmeetmand visit places and meet people and talk about different ways of life and it is so wonderful to find out the we are all the same in many ways and want what is good and best for us all.

Our first stop, after the hotel was the great Castle at Osaka…again another breathtaking moment…we saw some of what Would have been like the emperor’s falcolns and birds, toured the museum, saw some wonderful exhibits of samuri, the Japanese tea ceremonies, ancient arrowheads, which look nothing like native American ones…learned of the dynastic cycles of the great leaders in Japanese history and was able to enjoy the great Osaka Castle.  Oh, how I wanted to be a samaurai, but then, I’m not of the male lineage.


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